Screen Printing

Screen Printing is a good economic choice for a high-quality print, bright colors, on multiple shirts.

One or more colors:

For each color in the design, a separate screen is needed.
1-color printing costs less then multi-colors!
NO Screen/Set-up Charges:
12 shirts minimum

Screen/Set-up charges apply:

ONLY if you have less than the minimum of 12 shirts.

General rule: 

The more you order, the better your price will be per shirt.

Larger sizes cost more:

XXL and larger sizes cost more
C E T shirts (formerly Creative Expressions)

Cotton / Polyester / 50/50:

100% cotton, 100% polyester, dry fit, moisture management, moisture wicking… or a 50/50 blend is your choice.
There could be an UP-charge for polyester shirts.

C E T shirts (formerly Creative Expressions)
C E T shirts (formerly Creative Expressions)
C E T shirts (formerly Creative Expressions)


We assist with artwork, design, adding text etc. (see also Bus. Cards/Art/Logos/Design) after you place an order….
We often don’t charge for artwork unless it’s gets very involved and takes time to get ready.
When color-separations are needed, or more time will be spent on getting the graphics ready, there will be a charge for time spend in getting the artwork ready (we will let you know in advance!!) Vector files are preferred if we have a choice!!

Pockets cost more:

Shirts with a pocket are more and price depends on the style.

Color of shirt - price difference:

Colored shirts cost more than white shirts.

Printing on dark shirts (with light ink) often needs a second layer of ink (or a white underlayer), so the cost is a little higher.

Front and/or back:

Print on front (full or pocket area), back, sleeve. There are endless possibilities that we can print on. Each area is a separate location / separate print.

No rush-jobs - unless we have the time:

Plan for orders to take about 15 working days (count roughly 3 weeks). There are times that we can do your order faster, and that’s great, you got lucky!! But we ask that you plan ahead, to give us enough time, and to be sure we can complete it by the time you need to have it in hand.