Digital Printing

Various options for Digital Printing.
Great for smaller runs, full color logos, photos, memorials and much more.

DTF Prints

(Direct-To-Film Screen Print Ink Transfers)

DTF Prints are great on ANY COLOR shirt, cotton, poly or blend.  Printed on vellum and applied with a heat press, these custom printed screen print ink transfers are of high quality and will last through many washes!  Prints are in full color and a great solution for multi-color logos!  Vector Art is required (and we can help with that!).  You can order these prints in greater quantities than needed initially (minimum 12) and use them on just a few shirts, then use the rest later when you need a few more!  

  • Lasting screen print quality!
  • Minimum 12, but we can keep more for you here for future use.
  • Full color, bright and vibrant colors
  • Suitable for any color shirts, any material
  • The size of your image determines the price.
C E T shirts (formerly Creative Expressions)
C E T shirts (formerly Creative Expressions)

DTF transfers have bright vibrant colors, screen print quality lasting through many washes!  Goes on ANY color shirt!  No cracking, peeling or fading!

C E T shirts (formerly Creative Expressions)
C E T shirts (formerly Creative Expressions)

White Shirts Only / Transfers

Iron-on Transfers are affordable and the colors are VIBRANT. Often used for “In Loving Memory” shirts, but also suitable for party shirts, ‘gag’ shirts or other occasions where you don’t need to constantly wash/wear the garment. Transfers don’t hold up as good in the long run. The image gets printed on a special commercial grade transfer paper (8.5 x 11″), then heat-pressed onto the shirt.

  • Bright, vibrant colors
  • Minimum of 12 shirts (there might be a small art fee for special design)

After washing the image does wear off with time when the shirt gets older! Not recommended for uniforms when you have to wash them often, but GREAT for keep-sakes, RIP shirts etc.