There are numerous small rituals that add up to make the bride moment truly unique, whether you’re getting married in Greece or simply adore this lifestyle. These Greek marriage customs greek brides have significance, from the princess’s hair being styled with a pendant or hair and her dress being adorned with flowers to the groom ring bearer handing the bouquet to his friends and family.

Throughout the meeting, it is common practice for the handful to hang lights as a representation of Christ’s mild that illuminates their union. They even promote a cup of wine, each sipping three nibbles to symbolize the three virtues—health, success, and love—that make up their wedding. The Koumbaros ( best man ) or the koumbara ( maid of honor ) then consume whatever is left in the cup.

The couple exchanges single-ribbon bands during the wedding ceremony to represent their union and the connection they did create together. These bands are worn by the bride and groom on their proper finger, the side that is closest to their souls. The ring’s placement represents the fact that God and the few are now married together.

Before escorting the bride down the aisle, the parents of the groom and wedding each give their gifts. This is done to express their consent for their child’s wedding and to request any assistance they may require.

The wedding is surrounded by her closest friends, relatives, and song before she leaves her house to attend church. This is done to make sure the wife has a lovely, self-assured time. Additionally, it serves as a means of demonstrating to them that she is leaving behind her previous life in order to begin one with her potential spouse.

Following the service, each guest is given a gift, which consists of tiny bags of bomboniera, or sugar-coated pistachios. These delectable snacks stand for a long-standing custom of presenting gifts to visitors for special occasions. Because of their bright color and egg-like shape, almonds represent reproduction, like, and wellness. To indicate that the handful is indivisible, the totes always have an asymmetrical amount of pistachios.

The wedding calls all of her individual friends onto the dancing floors during the group as part of a joy custom. The wonderful woman who catches her flower will be the next to acquire married, she says as she throws it in their direction.